The non-union players that attended practice at the Washington...


WASHINGTON -- The non-union players that attended practice at the Washington Redskins facility left by chartered bus Wednesday without incident after their vehicle was attacked in the morning.

A small group of Redskins veterans attacked the bus in the morning and tackle Darryl Grant broke a window with his fists. Some of the non-union players covered their heads and faces from view as striking players shouted and called them 'scabs.'


'It shows what kind of guys they are,' cornerback Darrell Green said. 'If they're going to do something, do it with heart.'

Coach Joe Gibbs announced that 43 non-union players reported Wednesday to sign contracts. The team released a list of 55 players they signed, including five with NFL experience.

'It's a traumatic time for everybody,' Gibbs said. 'It's more like a mini-camp. We just don't have the people that we had.'

The team signed defensive tackle Dan Benish, a five-year veteran who spent three seasons with the Atlanta Falcons; tight end K.D. Dunn, who did not report Wednesday, who spent seven games with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1985; kicker Obed Ariri, who kicked for the Buccaneers in 1984; punter Jack Weil, a former Denver Bronco; and cornerback Dennis Woodberry, who played for the Falcons.


The newly formed team participated in their first walk-through practice Wednesday, closed to the public, as NFL management and union teams met in Philadelphia in an effort to reach an agreement to end the strike.

About 25 striking Redskins assembled outside the fenced compound, verbally harassing the practicing players.

'We're all laughing at you, pal,' one striking player yelled. 'Now we know why you weren't here the beginning of the season.'

About 10 Fairfax County police were on hand.

Justine Thielemann sat on the shoulders of her husband, guard R.C. Thielemann, and taunted the players, announcing their numbers through a bullhorn and after each number yelling 'you're a scab.'

If the walkout continues, the Redskins will not play this weekend but are scheduled to face the St. Louis Cardinals Oct. 4. No player from the team's active roster crossed the picket line.

Non-union players were expected to arrive at the training park at about 8 a.m. Wednesday, and only a handful of picketing players were on hand when the silver and gray bus rolled onto Redskins property at about 7:15 a.m.

But those on hand obstructed the bus, and Grant -- a 275-pound defensive tackle -- broke a window with his fist.


'I look at these guys as guys who would steal shoes off a dead man,' Grant said.

Among the players who crossed the picket line was running back Lionel Vital, who spent part of last season on the Redskins' injured reserve list, and former Tennessee quarterback Tony Robinson, a convicted drug dealer attempting to make a comeback.

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