Police investigators at a home where human blood reportedly...

ATLANTA -- Police investigators at a home where human blood reportedly oozed from a floor and was splattered on walls refused the help of a parapsychologist who wrote a book called 'Poltergeist.'

William George Rolle Jr., a parapsychologist from West Georgia College, was accompanied by a reporter Wednesday when he went to the home occupied by William and Minnie Winston.


One of the officers who met the pair said he was the Winstons' son.

'They're my parents, leave them alone,' he told the reporter.

Rolle, who wrote a 1972 book called 'Poltergeist' that is not connected to the movie by the same name, said he will keep trying for permission to enter the three-bedroom house occupied by the elderly couple for the past 22 years.

Police were called to the Winston home early Wednesday to investigate Mrs. Winston's report of blood coming from her bathroom floor.

'There must be some sort of natural explanation for it,' said Atlanta homicide detective Steve Cartwright. 'Even though it sounds pretty mysterious right now, once we get the facts, it will be demystified.'

Cartwright said he found no bodies but discovered 'copious amounts of blood' splattered on the walls and floors in at least five rooms of the house near downtown Atlanta. Police said the blood was confirmed as being human.


'I don't know what it is and I don't know where it came from,' Winston said.

Winston said his wife first saw the blood 'oozing from the bathroom floor' while taking a bath around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

He said he went to bed at 9:30 p.m. after locking the doors and activating a security system. He said neither he nor his wife heard any intruders.

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