Movie capsules

By CATHY BURKE, United Press International

DRAGNET -- Thirty years ago, a skinny Los Angeles Police Department cop named Sgt. Joe Friday worked his way into the cultural psyche of a generation of television viewers.

Joe Friday's nephew, a not-so-skinny second-generation LAPD sergeant sporting the same crew-cut and straight-and-narrow viewpoint, is introduced by comedian Dan Aykroyd to movie audiences in a new 'Dragnet' spoof. The update carries only a surface resemblance to its television ancestor; the rest is more reminiscent of the comic-book world of Batman, Robin and Superman. Directed by Tom Mankiewicz, and also starring Tom Hanks as Sgt. Friday's partner, Dabney Coleman as a lispy porn king and Christopher Plummer as an evil reverend and immoral cult leader. Rated PG-13.


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