Gun supporter, governor trade potshots

BOISE, Idaho -- An Idaho Republican Party activist and Gov. Cecil Andrus are taking potshots at each other over the governor's comment that National Rifle Association members are the 'gun nuts of the world.'

National Young Republican Committeeman Gary Glenn said Wednesday he has distributed more than 450 bumper stickers demanding that Andrus apologize.


But when told of the bumper stickers, the Democratic governor dismissed them as a 'political ploy' by Glenn.

Glenn earlier this month demanded a public apology from Andrus for making the statement on a televised weekly public affairs program.

Andrus later said the comment was directed at the leaders of the NRA, not its members, and refused to apologize.

'That's a political ploy by a Young Republican activist and I have no comment,' Andrus said when asked about the bumper stickers.

Glenn had the bumper stickers printed last Friday with the statement: 'ANDRUS APOLOGIZE! ... Another Proud 'Gun Nut.''

He said 100 were given to a Meridian sporting goods store owner who said he would distribute them to members of the Idaho Hunters Association.

'The governor's unprovoked attack on gunowners, and his stubborn refusal to apologize clearly reveals he has lost respect for a very large portion of Idaho's citizens,' Glenn said.


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