Grizzly mauls photographer to death

WEST GLACIER, Mont. -- A wildlife photographer was apparently mauled to death by a female grizzly bear that pulled him down from a tree in Glacier National Park.

Charles Gibbs, 40, Libby, who had an avid interest in bears, suffered bites and scratches on his head, arms and legs in the attack, park spokeswoman Karen Whitney said.


Gibbs, whose body was found Sunday, apparently tried to climb a tree to escape the grizzly, but was pulled down, she said.

Gibbs and his wife Glenda had been hiking Saturday on Elk Mountain near the park's southern border. When they spotted the sow grizzly and her three yearling cubs high on the mountain's southwest face, Gibbs decided to try to get closer, his wife said.

When Gibbs did not return late Saturday night, his wife reported him missing. Authorities found his body the next day.

No action is planned against the bear because it was just trying to protect its young, Alan O'Neill, assistant park superintendent, said.

Gibbs 'knew what he was getting into,' O'Neill said. 'The human in this case was the intruder.'

Authorities hoped the film in Gibbs' camera could provide more details on the incident.


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