The Transkei tribal homeland Sunday expelled seven white mercenaries,...


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- The Transkei tribal homeland Sunday expelled seven white mercenaries, including self-appointed general Ron Reid Daly, after detaining them for 48 hours, South African radio reports said.

About 30 white veterans of the 1970s Rhodesian war, employed by Transkei to build up its defense force, were arrested in a raid by black military officers Friday.


The Transkei government, about 150 miles southwest of Durban, declined comment on the arrests.

State-run South African radio said Daly, a self-appointed major general and senior advisor to the Transkei defense force, crossed into white South Africa early Sunday with six other white officers in a convoy of five cars. They were apparently heading toward Cape Town.

At least two men were expelled Saturday, the report said, and about 20 of them may still be in custody in the Transkei capital of Umtata.

Daly was chiefof the shadowy Selous Scouts, a sometimes vicious counterinsurgency unit in the former Rhodesian army, until Zimbabwe's independence in 1980. He joined the defense force of Transkei, one of four tribal homelands granted independence by Pretoria but not recognized by any other government.

Ciskei, another homeland neighboring Transkei, charged earlier this year that Transkei used white mercenaries Feb. 19 in an unsuccessful raid on the palace of Ciskei leader Lennox Sebe.


The two territories have been at loggerheads for years. Both are traditionally Xhosa tribal lands and both support unification, but disagree on which homeland should absorb the other.

South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper said the men were arrested because black military officers were unhappy about the bungled raid in February.

The newspaper quoted a former Transkei intelligence officer as saying 'they wanted to change the command, which they considered unsatisfactory, and impose their own command.'

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