Former President Jimmy Carter said today Vice President George...

CAIRO, Egypt -- Former President Jimmy Carter said today Vice President George Bush is the likely Republican nominee for the 1988 presidential elections but that Bush will not 'overwhelm the Democrats with his charisma.'

Carter spoke to the Egypt chapter of the American Chamber of Commerceand a member of the chamber told Carter he had voted for him three times and asked if he could vote for him again.


'First let me say that's a very wise and discerning American citizen,' Carter said, prompting loud laughter and applause.

But Carter added, 'I won't be running for public office again.'

With President Reagan ineligible to run for a third term, the 1988 election presents a 'new opportunity for many candidates on both sides.'

'The likely Republican candidate will be Vice President George Bush. I think that no one can predict for certain that he will get the nomination but (he) will not overwhelm the Democrats with charisma,' Carter said.

Carter is on a four-day visit to Egypt. His next stop is Damascus where he is expected to discuss the fate of foreign hostages in Lebanon with President Hafez Assad and Syrian officials.

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