LaFonda Fay Foster admitted killing five people and said...

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- LaFonda Fay Foster admitted killing five people and said she was 'as good as Charles Manson,' a witness in the murder trial of Foster and Tina Marie Hickey Powell testified Monday.

Powell, 28, and Foster, 23, are facing the death penalty for the bizarre slayings of two women and three men in Lexington last April.


All the victims were stabbed, shot and run over by a car.

Betty McClain, an inmate in the Fayette County Detention Center with Foster, testified Monday the defendant was laughing as she described how she had killed the five people.

'She made the comment she was about as good as Charles Manson,' McClain said, referring to the California mass murderer. 'She told me how she killed the women first,' McClain said.

Asked about the three men, McClain testified Foster 'said she made them watch.'

Following the first two slayings, Foster said the three men 'begged them to stop and get something to eat.' She bought them hamburgers and fries, and then killed them, McClain said.

'She said she shot them and one of them she stabbed,' McClain said.

The defense has admitted Foster and Powell committed the slayings, but contends they occurred during a drug-crazed spree.


The victims, Virginia Kearns, 45; her husband, Carlos, 71; Trudy Harrell, 59; Theodore Sweet, 53; and Roger Keene, 47, were found in three locations in southeast Lexington the night of April 23, 1986, and the early morning hours of April 24. The three men were found in or near the remnants of a burned out car.

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