Mormon missionary killed in Portugal

LISBON, Portugal -- An American Mormon missionary was shot to death by a night watchman who suspected him of trying to steal a car with three other people, police said.

U.S. Embassy and Mormon mission officials identified the dead missionary as Roger Todd Hunt, 19, of Las Vegas, Nev., who came to Portugal last August on a two-year mission for his church.


Verissimo Martins, commissioner of police, told reporters Hunt was shot and killed as he struggled to disarm a night watchman who detained him on suspicion of attempted car theft.

'The circumstances surrounding the incident are rather vague,' U.S. Embassy press officer Susan Clyde said. Clyde said U.S. officials were seeking clarification from Portuguese authorities.

Hunt 'was a little guy, about 5-foot-8, and I don't think he'd brawl with a policeman,' Mormon mission spokesman Elder Robert Lucero said.

Alerted by the sound of a window shattering, the night watchman, who was not identified, pursued four men who fled from the parked car and detained Hunt, Martins said.

He said three other young U.S. missionaries involved in the incident 'did not see the shooting' and were unavailable for comment because 'they are resting after the traumatic experience.'

Lucero, 21, of Lehi, Utah, refused to provide further details or identify the other missionaries at the scene of the shooting in the northern Lisbon suburb of Queluz.

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