34,000 cases of aids reported worldwide

GENEVA -- The World Health Organization said Friday that 34,448 cases of AIDS were reported worldwide by Nov. 14 with the United States accounting for 77 percent of them.

The health organization said the United States has reported 26,566 cases since AIDS first appeared in 1979, with all other reporting countries below the 1,000 level.


France was second with 997 cases while Canada and Brazil were third and fourth with 755 and 754 cases, respectively.

'Since August 1985, when global AIDS case reporting began in WHO, the number of countries reporting cases of AIDS has increased from 35 to 77,' the organization said in a weekly report.

'The data from the United States of America account for 77 percent of all cases, which reflects the severity of the epidemic and excellence of AIDS surveillance in that country,' the group said.

'The total number of cases reported from other countries increased from 2,199 in August 1985 to 7,882 in the middle of November 1986,' it said.

Of the 77 affected countries, WHO said, 33 are in the Americas, 23 in Europe, 10 in Africa, nine in Asia and two in Oceania.

Another 24 countries, including the Soviet Union, reported no AIDS so far.


Among communist countries, AIDS was reported only by Yugoslavia with three cases, Romania with two cases, and China and Cuba with one case each.

Leading affected countries as of Nov. 14 were the United States (26,566 cases), France (997), Canada (755), Brazil (754), West Germany (715), United Kingdom (512), Haiti (501), Tanzania (462), Italy (367), Australia (322), Zambia (217), Central African Republic (202), and Spain (201).

Belgium and the Netherlands reeported 180 cases each, Switzerland 170, Mexico 161, Trinidad and Tobago 108, Denmark 107, and Kenya 101.

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