Arnold Palmer's stunning hole-in-one -- his second in two...

POTOMAC, Md. -- Arnold Palmer's stunning hole-in-one -- his second in two days on the same 185-yard hole -- makes him the first professional American golfer to accomplish that feat.

'That's the most amazing ... aw, my goodness ... I've had some things happen to me, but never anything close to that,' Palmer gushed Wednesday as spectators surrounded him after acing the third hole at the TPC at Avenel stadium golf course for the second time in two days.


Palmer, playing in the pro-am preceeding the four-day Chrysler Cup PGA Seniors tournament, made his 13th hole-in-one of his career.

Only five other Americans, all amateurs, have made consecutive holes-in-one on the same hole, the Washington Post reported Thursday, quoting Golf Digest Hole-in One Clearing House.

Palmer, 56, is leading an eight-man U.S. team against an international squad headed by South Africa's Gary Player in the $600,000 seniors tournament event opening Thursday.

'I've never heard of anything like that happening, much less done it myself,' Palmer told reporters.

Praise and playful gibes from fellow players came raining down.

'I thought Arnie walked on water before this,' said teammate Chi Chi Rodriguez. 'Now I know he does. You could give Clark Kent 10 balls and he couldn't do that.'


Lee Elder quipped, 'Will you quit wasting those holes in one? Save 'em for the real tournament.'

Palmer recounted hearing a fan's comment just as he walked up to the now historic tee.

'I remember this little guy saying, 'Hey, Arnie, I came all this way to see you make another one.' But it never entered my mind about knocking the ball in the hole.'

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