Sean Penn got into another fight with a photographer...

NEW YORK -- Sean Penn got into another fight with a photographer trying to take pictures of the 'Brat Pack' actor and his wife, pop star Madonna, it was reported Saturday.

In the latest scuffle, Penn got into a dispute with Anthony Galella, nephew of Ron Galella, who gained fame inthe early 1970s for taking photographs of Jacqueline Kennedy.


The New York Post reported Penn and Madonna were on their way home Friday night from a restaurant when the encountered several photographers waiting for them in front of their apartment. Penn reportedly spat at one lensman.

The man spat back.

'That's it,' the Post quoted Penn. He hit Galella in the face with a plastic shopping bag and the photographer stumbled into the building courtyard.

'That's it, now you're on private property; you're dead,' Penn said. He spat at Galella, then started punching him, the Post said.

Madonna, meanwhile, screamed: 'How could you do this to us? You have no business being here.'

Penn then tried to punch the other photographers, but they left the scene, the newspaper reported.

Police said no charges were filed.

Neither Penn nor Galella was available for comment, but the Post ran a photo of the scuffle.


Penn, star of such films as 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High,' 'Racing with the Moon' and 'The Falcon and the Snowman' is one of several young actors who emerged in the early 1980s and came to be known as 'the Brat Pack.'

In 1985 he was fined $100 in Nashville and given a suspended 90-day jail sentence after pleading no contest to the two counts of assault and battery for assaulting a British reporter and photographer.

In January 1986, while Penn and Madonna were filming 'Shanghai Suprise' near Hong Kong, a reporter charged Penn with assaulting him for photographing Madonna, and demanded $100,000 or an apology.

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