Sohn Kee-chung will be awarded an ancient Greek helmet...

SEOUL, South Korea -- Sohn Kee-chung will be awarded an ancient Greek helmet for winning the marathon in the Olympics -- 50 years late.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics marathon victor will receive a bronze helmet, from Greece's Hellenic-era that dates back to 600 B.C, from West Germany.


The West German Olympic Committee, in a reversal of its previous stand, recently sent a letter expressing its willingess to hand the Greek helmet over to Sohn, according to Korean officials,

Sohn was supposed to receive the helmet 50 years ago, but the German Olympic Committee, citing the International Olympic Committee's amateur rulings, held it for display later at the Charlottenburg Museum in West Berlin.

The helmet was offered by the Greek Magazine, Vradiny, to the marathon winner of the Berlin Olympics.

Sohn launched a petition drive in 1976 when he, through the Korean Olympic Committee, sent a letter appealing for the return of the helmet.

Sohn and his wife have been invited to receive the helmet during a ceremony Aug. 17 marking the 50th anniversary of the Berlin games, the officials said.

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