Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier says the managers of...

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. -- Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier says the managers of Mike Tyson have done a good job promoting the undefeated boxer, but Frazier is not sure Tyson will live up to his publicity.

Frazier said Tyson, who will fight the former heavyweight champion's son Marvis in a nationally televised bout at the Glens Falls Civic Center Saturday, has not fought any quality fighters.


'I don't see who he really has beat,' Frazier said of the 20-year-old Tyson, who is 24-0 with 22 knockouts in his professional career.

'You need to sit him down and teach him things instead of having him fight all the time, against somebody who ain't nobody,' Joe Frazier said. 'Putting him in the ring and having him knock out somebody who needs to be in the house cooking, it don't make no sense. I don't know how that's gonna make him champion.'

Tyson, of Catskill, N.Y., is the No. 2 ranked heavyweight contender for the World Boxing Council heavyweight title held by Trevor Berbick.

Frazier said his son Marvis, of Philadelphia, is a good fighter and will be able to handle the hard-hitting Tyson.

'(Marvis will) be moving all the time. When he jumps into fight, he'll fight. He won't be standing there holding hands and playing around,' Joe Frazier said.


Marvis Frazier, 17-1, suffered his only defeat to former champion Larry Holmes. He has only fought two times in the last year while Tyson has fought 18 times over that span.

'I'm in shape. I'm in condition. I'm ready to go,' said Marvis Frazier. 'Everybody's afraid of Mike, or in awe of his power. But we'll see what he's made of Saturday.

Tyson was reserved about Saturday's fight.

'I'm going to beat him,' Tyson said of Frazier. 'Whatever it takes.'

Tyson managers are trying to negotiate a bout with Holmes for late November.

Co-manager Bill Cayton said he had rejected one offer because Holmes would have received more money than Tyson.

Tyson had no comment on a future bout with Holmes.

'I only fight one fight at a time,' he said. 'I can't fight two guys at once. Sometimes I'd like to, but I can't.'

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