A benches-clearing brawl occurred with two out in the...

ST. LOUIS -- A benches-clearing brawl occurred with two out in the top of the seventh inning Tuesday night with the St. Louis Cardinals leading the San Francisco Giants, 10-4.

The incident started when the Giants' fourth pitcher, Frank Williams, brushed back St. Louis' Vince Coleman.


Home plate umpire Bob Davidson immediately warned Williams and both benches. On the next pitch, Williams hit Coleman in the foot and was ejected.

Both benches cleared and came out to the home plate. St. Louis manager Whitey Herzog and San Francisco manager Roger Craig engaged in an argument. The two began bumping then pushing each other, creating numerous wrestling matches among players.

Three Giants -- Chris Brown, who tackled Coleman, Craig and Williams - were ejected. Bob Lillis served as Giants' manager in Craig's absence and Jeff Robinson replaced Williams on the mound.

Herzog wrestled Joel Youngblood and Randy Kutcher in separate incidents but was not ejected.

In the fifth inning, Coleman had stolen second and third with the Cardinals holding a 10-2 lead. Catcher Bob Melvin then mishandled a Juan Berenguer pitch and Coleman attempted to score. Berenguer, though, tagged him at the plate. The two exchanged words and both benches emptied, but no fighting occurred.


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