Guinness heiress buried

LONDON -- Three members of Britain's royal family attended the funeral Wednesday of Olivia Channon, a Cabinet minister's daughter whose death by heroin overdose triggered a scandal at prestigious Oxford University.

In the House of Commons, Parliament members expressed their condolences to Trade and Industry Secretary Paul Channon and his family.


Channon, an heiress to the Guinness brewing and banking fortune, was found dead June 11 at Oxford after attending parties to mark the end of the school term the night before.

The following day, her cousin Sebastian Guinness, also 22, and Rose Johnston, a childhood friend of the dead woman, were charged by police with supplying Channon with heroin.

Funeral services were held Wednesday for Olivia Hannon at St. Nicholas Church in Kalvedon Hatch, a suburb of London.

Joining the mourners were Lady Helen Windsor and her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Kent. Helen Windsor was an old friend of Olivia Channon's. The Duke of Kent is Queen Elizabeth's first cousin.

Also attending the funeral were Suzanna Johnston, Rose's mother, and Count Gottfried von Bismarck, a student and descendant of Prince Otto von Bismarck, the powerful 19th-century German politician.


Channon's overdose death -- and the subsequent arrests -- led to press reports that portrayed Oxford as a place where children of the rich, titled and powerful live a high life. University officials denied there was a major drug problem at the university.

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