Khadafy's wife angry that bombs killed daughter, injured sons


TRIPOLI, Libya, April 21, 1986 (UPI) -- Moammar Khadafy's wife said Monday if she could find the American pilot who bombed her house, killing her infant daughter and injuring her sons, she would ''kill him myself.''

''You should tell Reagan's wife what has happened here,'' an angry Sasiya Khadafy said at a news briefing in Khadafy's Bab al Azizzia compound one week after U.S. warplanes bombed Libya. ''Now you have to change your mind who is the terrorist -- Moammar Khadafy or Reagan.''


Mrs. Khadafy, carefully made up with her long black hair pulled severely back from her face, two gold rings on her right hand and a thin gold bracelet on her wrist, sat on a stool and leaned on one crutch as she spoke to about 50 foreign journalists at the compound on the outskirts of Tripoli.

She wore a long red silk dress covered with a full length black velvet cape studded with rhinestones around the edges. Two of her seven children, ages 14 and 11, stood behind her. The eldest, Ses el-Islam, wore bandages on both arms.


About 100 yards away were the ruins of the Khadafy house, a two-story modern structure severely damaged in the April 15 U.S. bombing raid launched in retaliation for what the Reagan administration said was Libyan-supported terrorism. Three bombs struck in front of the house as the family slept.

''Look at what has happened to me and my children,'' she said, making a sweeping gesture to the ruins. ''If I could get the pilot from this airplane I would kill him myself.''

She denied her husband was a terrorist and said she could not believe the Americans would bomb her home.

''All of my friends and my relatives contacted me and asked me to leave this house because they thought the Americans would bomb it. But I said no ... I did not believe they would do this.''

''I asked the American people and the British people to judge Ronald Reagan and (British Prime Minister Margaret) Thatcher. Both of them are terrorists now,'' she said, referring to Thatcher because U.S. F-111s used in the raid flew from British bases.

In an interview with Yugoslavian television, the Libyan leader compared Reagan to Hitler, saying, ''Reagan is Hitler No. 2. He is even worse than Hitler. There is no possibility of cooperating with him as there was no possibility of cooperating with Hitler.


''The attack was concentrated om my family and me. They aimed laser bombs and all kinds of sophisticated equipment at my home,'' he said, referrng to his compound that U.S. officials said also serve as his military headquarters.

Khadafy also said he was fighting ''in the name of millions of blacks in the United States and millions of American Indians.''

''We want America to put up its hands and give up Palestine (Israel),'' Khadafy said. ''We want it to withdraw from the Mediterranean and Angola ... The fight will continue and it will widen. We overcame fear and we are not afraid of America.''

The official death toll in the raid was set at 45, but diplomats say they believe as many as 100 were killed. Among the dead was a 15-month-old girl named Hana, identified by officials and a doctor as Khadafy's adopted daughter.

Khadafy's two youngest sons, Sef el-Arab, 4, and Camis, 3, also were said to have been severely injured and hospitalized.

''Is this an action by someone who is human and understanding?'' Mrs. Khadafy asked at the news briefing. ''In my house with my children I thought I was safe. Now my children are scared and maybe they will have psychological problems.


''If my husband was a terrorist I would not stay with him,'' she declared. ''He is a human being. For example, he adopted children without parents.''

She refused to answer any questions during the session with reporters, but her elder son, Ses el-Islam, briefly held up a photograph of the Libyan leader and described the attack.

''We were in the house and they dropped the bombs,'' the youth said. ''I want to ask what we did wrong. We were just children in this house and they dropped the bombs. Now some of us are injured and some of us are in the hospital.''

The conference ended abruptly and Safia was helped by her sons into a waiting car that drove off into the night.

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