Actor George Hamilton denies Marcos link in home sale


LOS ANGELES -- Actor George Hamilton, who recently sold his lavish Beverly Hills estate for $6 million, denies that exiled Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos or his wife owned the property or gained from the sale.

The actor, recently featured on the television program 'Dynasty,' also denied rumors linking him romantically with the former Philippine first lady, Imelda Marcos.


'The statements are untrue,' Hamilton said Thursday through his spokesman, Michael Sherman, who also made a point of denying as 'categorically untrue' rumors linking the actor and Mrs. Marcos.

Hamilton, who has made such movies as 'Love at First Bite,' was often seen at parties thrown by the Marcoses and appears in some of the hundreds of home video tapes found after the Marcoses fled the presidential palace.

Rafael Fernando, a representative of the Philippine commission charged with recovering Marcos's wealth, said he has turned over document regarding the Hamilton estate to the commission.

But a committee of the U.S. Congress investigating the flight of billions of dollars from the Philippines prior to Marcos's ouster said it has no plans to investigate the financial transactions surrounding Hamilton's estate.

Hamilton still resides in the hilltop estate. Los Angeles County records show that in April 1982 Hamilton purchased the property, owned originally by Charlie Chaplin, from a woman named Joy Bright for $1.2 million.


The records show that 18 months later, the actor used his home to secure a $4 million loan from Calno Holdings N.V., a Netherland Antilles corporation known to be linked to close Marcos associates.

An aide to Sen. Stephen Solarz, D-N.Y., who heads the congressional investigation, said the fact that an agent representing Calno Holdings is a close friend of Marcos 'certainly implies that Marcos was involved.'

The estate was sold by Hamilton for about $6 million 10 days ago to a company based in the Grand Cayman Islands, according to documents on file in the office of the Los Angeles County Assessor.

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