The owners of a Burger King franchise gave a...

RENO, Nev. -- The owners of a Burger King franchise gave a 15-year-old boy $5,000 Friday after he was disqualified in the so-called 'Herb' sighting contest for being too young.

Terry Taylor was the first person to see 'Herb' in a Burger King restaurant in Reno.


But national officials ruled he was too young to collect the $5,000 prize. The rules of the contest say a person must be 16. Taylor's 15th birthday was Thursday.

Don White, owner of the franchise, felt so bad for Taylor that and his partners George Sorrentino and Bob Millinich gave the boy a $5,000 consolation prize anyway.

'I saw the disappointment in his eyes,' White said.

White said the age cutoff was to keep youngsters from skipping school and hanging out at Burger Kings waiting for 'Herb.'

Taylor said, 'Yesterday, I was kind of disappointed, but I still had high spirits and everything. Today is just a wonderful and I feel great right now.'

White said the corporate attitude is rules are rules. 'Legally Burger King has no obligation to Terry or any other underage winner.'

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