The University of Texas has reached a settlement with...

AUSTIN, Texas -- The University of Texas has reached a settlement with the University of Tennessee over the use of the 'UT' trademark on such items as T-shirts, beer mugs, key chains and customized toilet seats.

Texas said a possible court dispute loomed because Tennessee had applied to the federal government for the right to use the trademark on a number of items not covered under Texas' trademark rights.


Under the agreement between the two schools, Tennessee gets to use the trademark east of the Mississippi River and in Louisiana's West Baton Rouge Parish, home of Southeastern Conference member Louisiana State University.

Texas will own the trademark everywhere else west of the Mississippi.

In addition, the agreement gives the Longhorns and Volunteers limited rights to use the popular interlocking UT logo design in each other's territory during bowl games or other special events.

A staff recommendations to the Texas Board of Regents said the solution was not ideal, but 'it does avoid a costly and protracted administrative and court proceeding.'

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