Grant Fuhr was a reluctant MVP. The Edmonton Oilers goalie,...

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Grant Fuhr was a reluctant MVP.

The Edmonton Oilers goalie, who played the first 31:03 in Tuesday night's NHL All-Star Game, earned the award for his sensational 15-save performance.


Fuhr wasn't around for the finish when Bryan Trottier scored the game-winner 3:05 into overtime to lift the Wales Conference to a 4-3 victory over the Campbell Conference.

For Fuhr, the MVP in the 38th All-Star Game was a nice reward for a job well done, but he didn't think he deserved it.

'I would've voted for Brian Propp (two goals) or Bob Froese,' said Fuhr, who did not allow a goal. 'I was just lucky, I guess.'

Propp responded: 'Well, OK, if he wants to give me the car, he can. I thought I had a good chance to win, but Grant deserved it. He played exceptionally well.'

Fuhr said he had not played well in three previous All-Star Game appearances.

'It's nice to get the car, but I'd rather get the win,' he said. 'I can't take credit, though, because the guys played so well in front of me.'

Wales defenseman Rod Langway appreciated Fuhr's performance.

'Fuhr deserved the MVP,' said Langway. 'He stopped some heavy pressure from the point and up front.'


The MVP announcement at the end of the game caught Fuhr by surprise.

'Usually, they give it to the guy on the winning team,' said the goalie.

The last losing player to earn MVP honors was also a goaltender in an overtime game. Billy Smith of the New York Islanders won the award in 1978.

Fuhr received a 1986 car. He currently drives a 1982.

'It's nice to have a second car,' said Fuhr. 'I'll give the other one to my wife, Corinne.'

Corinne Fuhr is expecting a baby later this month.

'We'll sure find a use or the car,' said Fuhr.

Wayne Gretzky, who won the All-Star Game MVP in 1983, was happy for his teammate.

'We're excited for Grant,' said Gretzky. 'He's a great hockey player.'

Edmonton's Andy Moog, who replaced Fuhr in the second period and yielded all four Wales goals, echoed Gretzky's sentiments.

'It was justifed that Grant got the award because he was the best player in the game,' said Moog.

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