What's in a name? John and Margaret Nelsonobviously feel...

Jan. 23, 1986
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LONDON -- What's in a name? John and Margaret Nelsonobviously feel the answer to that is 'plenty' because they gave their infant daughter 139 of them.

The 29-year-old father said they chose the list 'because we liked them,' not because of indecision.

In fact, he and his wife chose 207 names but pared the list down to 139.

The couple has three other children -- all of whom have only three names, which is common in Britain.

The baby was born Dec. 31 but the parents, who live in Chesterfield, are still waiting to register her because they need a special certificate to fit all the names.

For the record, her full name is:

Tracy, Mariclaire, Lisa, Tammy, Samantha, Christine, Alexandra, Candy, Bonnie, Ursula, Zoe, Nichola, Patricia, Lynda, Kate, Jean, Sandra, Karren, Julie, Jane, Elizabeth, Felicity, Gabriella, Jackie, Corina, Constance, Arabella, Clara, Honor, Geraldine, Fiona, Erika, Fillippa, Anabel, Elsie, Amanda, Cheryl, Alanna, Louisa, Angie, Beth, Crystal, Dawn, Debbie, Eileen, Grace, Susan, Rebecca, Valerie, Kay, Lena, Margaret, Anna, Amy, Carol, Bella, Avril, Ava, Audry, Andrea, Daphne, Donna, Cynthia, Cassie, Cristabel, Vivien, Wendy, Moira, Jennifer, Abbie, Adelaide, Carrissa, Carla, Anne, Astrid, Barbara, Charissa, Catalina, Bonny, Dee, Hazel, Iris, Anthea, Clarinda, Bernadette, Cara, Alison, Carrie, Angela, Beryl, Caroline, Emma, Dana, Vanessa, Zara, Violet, Lynn, Maggie, Pamela, Rosemary, Ruth, Cathlene, Alexandrina, Annette, Hilary, Diana, Angelina, Carrinna, Victoria, Sara, Mandy, Annabella, Beverley, Bridget, Cecilia, Catherine, Brenda, Jessica, Isobella, Delilah, Camila, Candice, Helen, Connie, Charmaine, Dorothy, Melinda, Nancy, Mariam, Vicki, Selina, Miriam, Norma, Pauline, Toni, Penny, Shari, Zsa-Zsa, Queenie Nelson.

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