Manson disciple Sandra Good released on parole

ALDERSON, W. Va. -- Sandra Good, once a part of cult killer Charles Manson's inner circle, was released from a federal prison and now faces five years of parole.

Prison and parole commission officials refused Monday to say where Good, who carved an 'X' in her forehead to demonstrate her loyalty to Manson, would spend her parole.


Good was convicted in 1975 of sending threatening letters to corporate officials concerning environmental issues and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Good was part of the inner circle of Manson's cult family, but was not tried for the 1969 murder of actress Sharon Tate or the slayings of grocery chain owner Leno LaBiana and his wife, for which Manson and other followers were convicted.

Rep. Dick Fazio, D-Calif., issued a statement in Washington saying Good 'will not be coming to California,' but Justice Department spokesman Joseph Krovisky declined to say where Good, 41, would spend her probation.

'She has asked us not to reveal the district where she is going and we are going to abide by her request,' he said.

Good's parole will extend at least to Dec. 20, 1990, Krovisky said, and she must find a job and enter a community counseling program 'to reintegrate her into society.'


Manson, who used sex, drugs, music and mysticism to lure women into his 'family,' is serving a life prison sentence at Vaccaville, Calif., for the Tate-LaBiana slayings.

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