Topless doughnut shop opens

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The R Donuts shop, where $1 coffee and $1 doughnuts are served by one dozen topless waitresses, opened to such a full house that the $600 coffee maker began dispensing cold java.

No one complained about the coffee.


'The service was good and so were the doughnuts,' said cab driver Mark Johnson, who arrived at dawn Wednesday and became the first customer at the South's first topless doughnut shop.

Before noon, more than 500 customers had come to the former fast-food restaurant, as well as several television news crews, and numerous newspaper reporters and photographers.

Michelle, a friend who helped out 71-year-old owner Andy Emery with the first-day crowds, said, 'Business is brisk, but the coffee machine is broken. It's not making it hot. People are not thrilled with that, but they understand. Nobody's real upset.'

When Emery announced last week he would open the R Donuts store, concerned citizens asked city officials to find a way to close it down. They could not.

A couple days later, someone hurled two bricks through the tinted front windows with handwritten notes calling Emery 'sick' for opening a topless doughnut store.


A gaggle of protesters carrying signs picketed Wednesday's opening, but left as soon as the TV camera lights were turned off.

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