Marcos doctor stabbed to death

MANILA, Philippines -- Five men kidnapped and killed a prominent kidney specialist who was one of President Ferdinand Marcos' personal physicians, news reports said Saturday. Police reportedly believe communist rebels were responsible for the slaying.

The body of Dr. Potenciano Baccay, 45, vice president of the National Kidney Foundation, was found bound with nylon cord inside his abandoned Toyota van about 18 hours after his abduction Thursday. He had been stabbed 19 times in the chest and once in the neck, police said.


News reports said Baccay was one of Marcos' personal physicians, but both the presidential palace and the Kidney Foundation declined to comment on the reports.

Marcos, 68, is rumored to suffer from a degenerative kidney ailment. In a recent interview, the president said he had been treated by American doctors for his kidney ailment.

Manila daily newspapers said cash and valuables were stolen from Baccay's home, but the tabloid Balita quoted police investigators as saying rebels of the communist-led New People's Army may have been behind the slaying.

The NPA is waging a guerrilla war to overthrow the 20-year-old Marcos government.

The Bulletin Today newspaper reported that five men, described as 'clean-cut' and in their 20s, barged into Baccay's house in Muntinlupa Thursday night, tied up a security guard and three housekeepers and ransacked the house.


When Baccay, his wife and two children returned home about three hours later, the men tied them up and robbed them, then dragged Baccay into his van and drove away.

Eastern Manila police chief Brig. Gen. Alfredo Yson told the state-run Philippine News Agency that Baccay's body was found slumped on the van's back seat, his hands tied behind his back.

The Malaya newspaper said Yson was summoned to the presidential palace to discuss the slaying. It said 'all police andmilitary units,' including the elite Presidential Security Command and the Criminal Investigation Service, were investigating the killing.

News reports said police were questioning the doctor's bodyguard, his gardener and a co-worker of his wife.

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