Actress Ann-Margret said in a report Wednesday that she...

NEW YORK -- Actress Ann-Margret said in a report Wednesday that she has been trying to get pregnant for 13 years and even used a fertility pump and an experimental device that injected into her stomach a hormone to aid ovulation.

The actress-singer made the revelation in the November issue of McCall's magazine.


Ann-Margret, 44, and her husband of 18 years, Roger Smith, have three of his children, but she said they want a child of their own.

She said she has been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 13 years.

The actress revealed she has tried all sorts of methods, most recently a fertility pump and a still-experimental device that periodically injected into her stomach a hormone that aids ovulation, both of which she has since given up on, McCall's said.

'The point is, if I am meant to have a child, I will have one,' she said. 'Whatever my higher power feels is right for me, I will accept. I know this may sound simplistic, but I believe in the serenity prayer: 'God, grant the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.''


Ann-Margret told McCall's she knew on her third date with her husband she would marry him and said 'I'm very proud of our 18-year marriage, which people did 't think would last 18 minutes.'

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