Housekeeper: Monroe died after seeing RFK

NEW YORK -- Marilyn Monroe's housekeeper said in an interview that the late actress swallowed a fatal overdose of pills after a visit from Robert Kennedy, a published report said.

The housekeeper, Eunice Murray, also told producers from the British Broadcasting Corp. that Monroe was still alive when a doctor arrived at her Hollywood home, Picture Week magazine reported Sunday.


However, Picture Week said Murray, 82, refused to repeat her account of Kennedy's visit in an interview with the magazine, a new weekly publication of Time Inc.

'Once in a while, everything becomes confused. I am confused,' Murray told the magazine.

Ted Landreth, executive producer of 'The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe,' to be aired by the BBC Oct. 25, said the television documentary will answer many questions about Monroe's death Aug. 4, 1962.

'The hard evidence we have is that Bobby Kennedy was in town the night Marilyn died,' Landreth said. 'He certainly went to see Marilyn Monroe, and they had a row. He left very quickly. She almost certainly died by her own hand. There was a cover-up.'

The documentary also includes an interview with private detective John Danoff, who claims he once listened through a bug to lovemaking between Monroe and John Kennedy at the behest of an unnamed client, the magazine said.


Anthony Summers, author of 'Goddess,' a new book about Monroe, speculates Robert Kennedy, then attorney general, became involved with the actress when he tried to persuade her to break up with President Kennedy.

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