A woman who was raped twice by a man...

HOUSTON -- A woman who was raped twice by a man who killed her husband in the second attack went public with her story Wednesday, saying she wanted to encourage other rape victims to report such attacks to police.

Carolyn Sue McCaleb, 43, said if she had gone to police after the first rape, her husband might not have been killed.


'It teaches me that if you're raped, go ahead and report it,' she said. 'The person could come back.'

McCaleb said she was sexually assaulted by a knife-wielding, barefoot man who confronted her in her bedroom about 10:30 p.m. Sunday. But the assailant's face was familiar, she said.

'I was attacked a week before -- maybe 10 days -- by the same man,' she said of the incident in which she was confronted by a man as she drove to work.

McCaleb did not tell police of the earlier attack because she did not want to upshet her ailing husband, Roy Joe McCaleb, 51. But after she was raped by the same man Sunday, he went into another room and fired a single shot into her sleeping husband's head.

Roy McCaleb, who had a serious heart ailment and was recuperating from back surgery, died a short time later at a hospital.


'Maybe they could have been looking for him while he was walking the streets,' Mrs. McCaleb said. 'He may be through with me. Maybe he's gone on to another town. Maybe he's moved across town. I'm terrified for other women.'

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