Pat Boone: some Live-Aid songs 'hymns to the devil'

WILBRAHAM, Mass. -- Singer Pat Boone said Wednesday he finds inconsistency between the lofty goals of the Live-Aid concerts and some songs that 'were obviously hymns to the devil and satanic things.'

Boone, known for his white buck shoes and squeaky clean image, said he approved the results of last Saturday's concerts in London and Philadelphia, which raised millions of dollars for African famine relief.


But speaking at a news conference at an ice cream company, Boone questioned some of the things he saw and heard on stage.

'I heard Duran Duran talking about dancing into the fire,' Boone said, 'and songs that were obviously hymms to the devil and satanic things, while you're talking about feeding the hungry. I find a real inconsistency there.'

Duran Duran is a popular British rock group.

Boone, who owns his own Christian recording label, also questioned a 'highly erotic' duet performed by recording artists Mick Jagger and Tina Turner during the Philadelphia concert.

'I think you ought to be able to come up with ways to do this very thing and make the content more in keeping with the intended result,' Boone said.

Boone, national chairman of Easter Seals, was at the Friendly Ice Cream Corp. to accept a $657,000 check from the company on behalf of the charity.


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