Copy reader enhanced. . .

Oberon International is now selling its previously introduced Omni-Reader, an optical character reader of typewritten copy, as an upgraded unit that includes a start-up interface kit and training instructions.

The package consists of the optical character reader, a certificate valid for user training and the 'Poorcopy' feature, which aids the reading of fuzzy or multiple generations of copied material from some copiers.


An expanded version of the unit, also available, includes the RS232 connector cable and all the necessary software to link it to most brands of personal computers.

A desktop productivity tool, the Omni-Reader is operated manually and reads text up to 180 words per minute. It transfers scanned material directly into the host computer system, without using the keyboard. The data is then edited using the computer's keyboard and can be printed or tranmitted as needed.

Scanning at the rate of one line every two to three seconds, the reader is capable of reading the four most common typefaces used in business correspondence: Courier 10, Courier 12, Letter Gothic and Prestige Elite. (Oberon International, 5525 McArthur Boulevard, Irving, Texas 75038; regular package $699, expanded package $799).

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