Jerry Reinsdorf, who heads the new ownership group of...


CHICAGO -- Jerry Reinsdorf, who heads the new ownership group of the Chicago Bulls, claims the group will produce a winner, but cannot fashion amiracle that will give the team an instant championship.

Reinsdorf, Chicago White Sox board chairman, heads a 23-member group that purchased the Bulls for an estimated $9.2 million. He held a news conference Wednesday to introduce the new owners, 14 of whom are also investors in the White Sox.


'We're not in this for miracles,' Reinsdorf said. 'Even the Russians have 5-year plans.

'We're not going to do this overnight. This franchise has been here a long time. We just ask to be given a little time.'

When asked what made him believe he could turn the Bulls into a contender, Reinsdorf replied: 'I guess ego makes me think we can turn it around. I know this, we have all the partners who won't tolerate losing.'

Eddie Einhorn, a White Sox co-owner who also owns a U.S. Football League team, will be a member of the Bulls' board of directors and will handle television and radio contracts for the club.

Einhorn said he is confident the new owners can turn the Bulls into a winning organization, using the techniques that made the White Sox contenders in the American League.


'I think under Jerry's direction and this group we've assembled, you can count on the same type of up-feeling we tried to create with the White Sox,' Einhorn said. 'It's going to be the same thing.'

Reinsdorf said the ownership group will have the same commitment toward building a winning organization, as did the owners of the White Sox.

'We're certainly not going to make a promise we're going to win the NBA championship next year,' Reinsdorf said. 'But I think when Eddie and I got involved in the White Sox we committed ourselves to building a winning organization, and that's the only commitment I can make.

'I don't want to be involved in losing. We've lost and we've won, and I can assure you winning's a lot more fun, and that's our goal.'

Reinsdorf indicated he supports General Manager Rod Thorn and Coach Kevin Loughery. But he said changes in the Bulls' leadership could be made in the future.

'We're going into this assuming everybody's competent. We'll make decisions as we go along,' he said.

Reinsdorf also said he does not fear that high NBA salaries will prevent the Bulls from acquiring top talent.

'Basketball is not the type of game where winning depends on having all superstars,' he said.


'I believe it's the ultimate team game, and what we're going to try to do is build a ballclub that plays team defense, knows how to move the ball and one in which the players are all aware of what their roles are.'

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