A security guard was charged Wednesday with the murder...

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A security guard was charged Wednesday with the murder of a teenage girl and the attempted murder of her girlfriend in a grisly sex and torture ordeal at the vacant mansion where he worked.

The Santa Clara County district attorney filed the charges against David Allen Raley, 23, accusing the San Jose man on one count of murder, one count of attempted murder, two counts of assault with intent to commit rape and two counts of kidnapping.


A spokesman for District Attorney Leo Himmelsbach said Raley could face the death penalty because of 'special circumstances' in the case, including the alleged torture of the girls.

Police said they believed Raley, a security guard at the unoccupied Carolands mansion in nearby Hillsborough, lured 16-year-old Jeanine Grinsell of San Mateo and 17-year-old Laurie Ann McKenna of Burlingame, into the chateau Saturday, attacked them and drove to San Jose.

While the victims lay bound and bleeding in his car trunk, Raley spent the evening playing Monopoly with his family, according to San Jose police Lt. Don Trujillo. Then he drove to a nearby ravine and dumped them. They were found the next morning after McKenna managed to hail a passing motorist.


Dr. Paviz Pakdaman, assistant medical examiner for Santa Clara County, said that Grinsell, who died from the attack, was slashed 41 times. He said the cause of death was blood loss, shock and hypothermia.

Grinsell survived the near-freezing temperatures Saturday night in the ravine but Pakdaman said she had no measurable blood pressure when she was wheeled into the emergency room at Santa Theresa Hospital Sunday morning. She died on the operating table around noon.

'Considering the kinds of wounds she had, it must have taken a ton of courage for her to pull through as long as she did,' said Pakdaman.

McKenna was recovering from her wounds and listed in good condition at the same hospital.

Police say Raley was a 'police buff' who talked, dressed and tried to act like a police officer. They say he owned a radio scanner and would sometimes arrive at the scene of an accident before they would.

Raley was held in Santa Clara County jail without bail.

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