Text of Walter Mondale's concession speech to supporters Tuesday...

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Text of Walter Mondale's concession speech to supporters Tuesday night:

A few minutes ago, I called the president of the United States and congratulated him on his victory for re-election as president of the United States (boos).


He has won. We are all Americans. He is our president, and we honor him tonight. Again tonight, the American people in town halls, in homes, infirehouses, in libraries, chose the occupant of the most powerful office on Earth. Their choice was made peacefully, with dignity and with majesty. And although, and although I would have rather won, (applause) tonight, tonight we rejoice in our democracy, we rejoice in the freedom of a wonderful people, and we accept their verdict.

I thank the people of America for hearing my case. I have traveled this nation, I believe, more than any living American, and wherever I've gone the American people have heard me out. They've listened to me, they've treated me fairly, they've lifted my spirits and they've added to my strength, and if there is one thing I'm certain of, it is that this is a magnificent nation with the finest people on Earth (applause).


I thank, I thank, I thank above all my family. How lucky, how lucky I am. Joan has campaigned with class all over this nation. And we're very, we're very, very proud of our kids, Ted, and Eleanor Jane, and William. Everywhere they went they got us support.

And I thank Geraldine Ferraro, we're very proud of Gerry, very proud of Gerry (prolonged applause).

We didn't win but we made history, and that fight has just begun. And once again, here I am in Minnesota, and over 24 years never once have the people of Minnesota turned me down, including tonight (applause).

Minnesotans, this is a special state, a remarkable state with a special spirit, and time and time again in the past Minnesota has led the way for our nation, and I think you did it again tonight (applause).

And I want to especially thank my staff, Jim Johnson and the whole crew, my workers and my volunteers all over this country, what a special group of Americans they are. I know what you sacrificed for me and my country, and I want to say a special word to my young supporters this evening.

I know how you feel, because I've been there myself. Do not despair, this fight didn't end tonight, it begins tonight. I've been around for awhile and I have noticed in the seeds of most every victory are to be found the seeds of defeat, and in every defeat are to found the seeds of victory. Let us fight on, let us fight on.


My loss tonight does not in any way diminish the worth and importance of our struggle. The America we want to build is just as important tomorrow as it was yesterday. Let us continue to seek an America that is just and fair. Tonight, tonight especially I think of the poor, the unemployed, the elderly the handicapped, the helpless and the sad, and they need us more than ever tonight.

Let us fight for jobs and fairness, let us fight for these kids and make certain they have the best education that any generation ever had (applause). Let us fight for our environment and protect our air, our water and our land.

And while we must keep America strong, let's use that strength to keep the peasce, to reflect our values, and to control these weapons before theydestroy us all.

That has been my fight, that has been our fight in this campaign. And we must fight for those goals, with all of our heart in the future.

I am honored, I am honored by Minnesota, by all the people of this country that have permitted me to wage this fight. What an honor it is. And I'm at peace with the knowledge that I gave it everything I've got. (cheers, chanting 'We want Fritz, we want Fritz.')


I am confident, I am confident, I am confident that history will judge us honorably, so tonight let us be determined to fight on.

Good night and God bless you, and God bless America.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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