Queen Elizabeth II, vacationing quietly in Wyoming, received a...


BIG HORN, Wyo. -- Queen Elizabeth II, vacationing quietly in Wyoming, received a telephone call from President Reagan and discussed the bombing of an English resort hotel that narrowly missed killing British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The queen, staying at the Canyon Ranch, spoke with the president for about 15 minutes, saying she was 'very grateful' that her stay in Wyoming was being treated as a private visit, and she also spoke with Mrs. Reagan, royal news secretary Michael Shea said.


Shea said Reagan and the queen also discussed the bombing of a resort hotel in Brighton, England, that killed four people, including a member of Parliament, during a Conservative Party meeting.

The queen also spoke to Thatcher, who excaped injury in the bombing, but Shea declined to detail the specifics of their talk.

The queen returns to Britain Monday having spent four days at the ranch southwest of Sheridan near the small town of Big Horn as the guest of Lady Porchester, sister of Wyoming Sen. Malcolm Wallop and wife of Lord Porchester, the queen's racing manager and an old friend of the Windsor family.


Shea said logistics prevented the queen from attending church Sunday, so she traveled to Bradford Brinton Museum instead to view paintings by such famed western artists as Fredric Remington, as well as a variety of other western art and Indian craft work.

She posed briefly for photographers and talked animatedly with Assistant Museum Director Dan Nelson about the museum, located in the former summer home of Brinton, a wealthy eastern industrialist who bought a ranch in the area and stocked the house with art objects.

The queen also spoke with museum caretaker Andy Kukuchka, who said she asked him about the area where she planned to picnic later in the day. The queen hoped to see some some elk and perhaps a moose in the area.

He said she praised the residents and reporters covering her private visit for the warmth and restraint they have shown.

The queen is to depart Monday for Britain and prepare for a visit from French President Francois Mitterrand.

Although the queen's arrival in Wyoming Friday closely followed the Irish Republican Army's bombing of a hotel where British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was staying in England, the queen nonetheless was reported to be enjoying her private stay.


She was the guest of Lady Porchester, sister of Wyoming Sen. Malcolm Wallop and wife of Lord Porchester, the queen's racing manager.

The queen was staying at the Wallop family's 4,000-acre Canyon Ranch at the foot of the snow-capped Big Horn Mountains.

'The queen spent a most enjoyable day' Saturday, first on a shopping trip in Sheridan and Big Horn, then a picnic on the Wallop ranch, Shea said.

The queen stopped at two Sheridan stores, Ritz Sporting Goods and King's Saddlery. At Ritz Sporting Goods, store owner Stan Mavrakis, who had tied fishing flies for her husband, Prince Philip, 15 years ago, gave the queen a handmade graphite fishing rod and a box of flies to give to the prince.

The queen was presented with a hand-tooled leather wastebasket and purchased a pair of leather gloves for herself and gifts for the rest of the royal family at King's Saddlery, Shea said.

Ethyl Crawley, 96, of Casper, presented the queen with a coat she had knitted for the queen's newest grandchild, Prince Henry.

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