Detectives searched for clues Thursday in the slaying of...


NEW YORK -- Detectives searched for clues Thursday in the slaying of a suspect in the unsolved $5.8 million Lufthansa robbery who was executed along with his teenage girlfriend.

Angelo Sepe, 42, Wednesday became the 11th person linked to the Dec. 11, 1978, Lufthansa heist -- the largest in the nation's history at that time -- to disappear or be killed.


None of the money stolen at the Lufthansa German Airlines cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport -- $5 million in cash and nearly $1 million in gold and jewels -- ever was recovered.

Louis Werner, a former Lufthansa cargo agent at Kennedy airport, is the only man convicted in the multi-million dollar holdup. He is serving 15 years in prison.

James Burke, the alleged mastermind of the holdup, was indicted this year in the slaying of an associate and is serving 20 years in federal jail for his role in fixing Boston College basketball games in the 1970s.

Sepe, who once boasted that 'when my time comes, my own people will kill me,' was shot in the head several times. His girlfriend, Joanne Lombardo, 19, had been shot once in the mouth.


Police Thursday said they still had no suspects in the case and had not determined whether it was linked to the Lufthansa robbery.

A custodian at their Brooklyn apartment found the bodies. A pistol found in the basement apartment was not believed to have been used in the slayings.

Police in 1982 arrested a British gunman suspected of stalking Sepe, but Sepe reportedly laughed when questioned about the arrest.

'When my time comes, my own people will kill me,' he said. 'My people would not go out of the country and hire a stranger to do the job. They'll hire someone close to me.'

Sepe was arrested in February 1979 in the case, but there was never enough evdience for an indictment. The statute of limitations for the crime expired last December.

Police said he most recently had been working as a security officer in the garages of the apartment complex where he lived.

Sepe had been on parole for a federal bank robbery conviction and was sent to jail for violating parole. He was released after 10 months.

The parole violation involved his association with Burke.

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