Vice President George Bush took the field with the...

DENVER -- Vice President George Bush took the field with the living legends of baseball Friday night and played an inning as a first baseman during an Old Timers exhibition game.

A spokesman announced earlier in the day that the vice president, who played baseball for Yale during his college years, would attend the game at Mile High Stadium.


No one, however, knew he would appear as a player until he walked onto the field wearing a jersey of the American Association's Denver Bears.

The Old-Timers game featured the likes of Billy Martin, Warren Spahn, Gene Mauch, Brooks Robinson, Whitey Ford and Don Larsen. Joe DiMaggio was present and in uniform but did not play. The National League won 11-10.

Of Bush, Bears general manager Jim Burris said, 'I just couldn't believe that any politician could look that comfortable out there and have that kind of athletic ability.

'It was obvious he had played before. You could just tell, the way he shifted his feet and changed position, depending on whether there were men on base or whether the batter was a left-hander.

'He had one difficult fielding chance. He knocked the ball down and threw to the pitcher for the out that ended the fifth inning.'

When Bush's turn at bat came, the vice president hit a ground single.

'I'd love to keep that jersey he wore and put it in the Bears' museum,' Burris said.

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