'This guy makes Scarface look like Little Bo Peep'

HIALEAH, Fla. -- Authorities said Wednesday a man who makes the movie character Scarface 'look like Little Bo Peep,' has been charged with killing a former girlfriend and showing off her severed finger like a trophy.

Luis Garcia-Blanco, 38, was charged with shooting Maricel Gutierrez in the head twice with a machine gun a few months after he arrived in this country from Cuba in the 1980 Mariel boatlift.


Witnesses said Garcia, now serving a prison term for attempted murder of a police officer, bragged about the murder of the young woman to friends and showed them the finger, which he kept in a Bible.

'The finger was like a trophy. He showed it off to several people,' said police Lt. Steve Andres.

Authorities said Ms. Gutierrez had lived in Garcia's house for awhile, but he kicked her out.

'She felt spurned,' said detective Gary Venema, chief investigator in the case.

He said on Valentines Day 1981 Ms. Gutierrez and three friends went to Garcia's home, tied up his new girlfriend and ransacked his house.

Three days later Garcia kidnapped Ms. Gutierrez and his new girlfriend identified her as one of the people who tied her up, Venema said. Garcia took Ms. Gutierrez away and returned four hours later to show his new girlfriend the finger, the detective said.


'This guy makes Scarface look like Little Bo Peep,' Venema said.

'Scarface' was a recent remake of a 1930s movie in which the main character was a Cuban refugee who became active in the drug trade. The movie was so violent that officials tried but failed to convince filmmakers not to set it in Miami.

The case against Garcia languished until earlier this year because, police said, witnesses -- including the unidentified girlfriend -- were scarce. Last week the girlfriend turned up and Garcia was charged with first-degree murder.

Garcia already is serving a 35-year prison term for taking part in a December 1981 shootout with Dade County police officers trying to arrest alleged drug trafficker Rafael 'Amilcar' Rodriguez. Police said Garcia served as Rodriguez' body guard.

Prior to his conviction, police said Garcia had been arrested six times and charged with 16 crimes, including another count of trying to kill a police officer.

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