Ex-Platters star Nate Nelson died Friday, one day after...

BOSTON -- Ex-Platters star Nate Nelson died Friday, one day after his wife made a desperate plea to his fans to find a heart for her ailing husband.

Nelson died at 4:50 p.m. EDT of heart failure at Brigham and Women's Hospital, said hospital spokesman Richard Eckel.


Nelson, 52, was the lead singer for the Flamingos between 1954 to 1962, and sang the hit record 'I Only Have Eyes for You.' Between 1964 and 1982 he went on to sing with the Platters, whose hits included 'Only You,' 'The Great Pretender,' and 'Twilite Time.'

On Thursday his wife, Angel Nelson, called a news conference to ask Nelson's fans to help find the heart.

'I'm appealing to people all across the country who love Nate and his music,' she said. 'Through your generosity and loving you can give the most precious gift -- life. Please reach deep in your souls.'

Nelson performed until about 2 years ago, when he had the first of many heart attacks. He had coronary artery disease, and was being kept alive with a balloon that rapidly inflated and deflated to assist his heart in pumping.

Nelson's name had been on a waiting list for a heart since Wednesday, but no donor was found.


Dr. Gilbert Mudge said since he was admitted Nelson's condition steadily deteriorated.

'We've talked about faith, hope and just hanging in there because we're going to get one,' Mrs. Nelson had said Thursday.

Nelson, whose family lives in suburban Southboro, was admitted to Brigham and Women's Hospital a week ago. The hospital has performed four successful heart transplants this year -- the first heart transplants ever conducted in New England.

Funeral arrangements were incomplete.

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