A 6-year-old boy who scaled a neighbor's fence to...

AUSTIN, Texas -- A 6-year-old boy who scaled a neighbor's fence to retrieve a lost ball was killed by a St. Bernard and a pit bull dog.

The body of Jacob Hoffer was discovered Monday night in his neighbor's back yard.


He suffered massive chest and arm injuries and had been dead several hours before being found by family members.

Police said a small white ball was found next to the boy's hand.

'He loved to play ball,' a man who identified himself as the boy's grandfather said. 'He was on a soccer team and was always playing. Whenever it would go over a neighbor's fence while he and his friends were playing, he would just climb over to get it.'

Animal control officers today were observing a St. Bernard and pit bull dog removed from the yard. The owners of the dogs were not at home when the attack occurred.

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