TV World;NEWLN:'Dynasty' newcomer Michael Nader still awed by characters popularity


NEW YORK -- Michael Nader, the swarthy young actor behind the new hairy chest on the block in ABC's 'Dynasty,' is still adjusting to the recognition his dream role as Joan Collins' paramour on the hot soap has brought him.

The California surfer, who is a veteran of the muscle beach movies of the 1960s, joined the 'Dynasty' team as mining engineer Dex Dexter in time for the last seven of 22 episodes shot this TV season.


He may be a new teammate, but he's already been well coached in the art of keeping his mouth closed about the season's last episode, which will be airing next month.

'All I can say is the storylines are exactly on target. This season there will be multiple cliffhangers and each one, if you look closely at the plot structure, will be right on target,' he said taking a deep drag on a cigarette.


Will someone be missing from the show next season?

'There are cast changes taking place.'

Nader, who was attending Santa Monica City College when he won a star part in what grew into a string of beach movies, moved to New York at the age of 22 to study his craft while appearing in several off-Broadway productions.

In 1975, he got the part of Kevin Thompson on the daytime soap 'As the World Turns,' which he played for three years.

Next he moved to Hawaii, where he performed in regional theater, and then he returned to Los Angeles in 1981, where he got the part of Alexi Theodopolous on the short-lived NBC prime time series 'Bare Essence.'

The dark-eyed, dark-haired actor's theory about why he got the 'Dynasty' part is just a bit less than modest.

'It took awhile for them to make a decision. The scuttlebutt was that they wanted kind of a Midwestern, good-looking, model type, and here comes this dark, swarthy, sophisticated guy,' Nader said referring to himself.

'But the energy that Joan and I had was what became the final statement. Joan and I had real charisma.

'And it was my time to pop.'

His success on 'Dynasty' hasn't changed his lifestyle. He still lives in West Hollywood with his pedigree Australian cattle dog John Henry.


'I'm just busier. It's kind of a surprise, being on a tour, and realizing that you really are seen by millions of people.

'I've been busy with recognition on the streets of New York. That's new. Funny, silly. Constant recognition makes me a little self-conscious.

'But people really like Dex.'

Nader has a healthy attitude about his early, pre-training work. There are no skeletons he's ashamed of.

'I'm not that hard on myself any more. What's down on tape or film is where I was at at that time.

'And if you have any sense of humor about yourself, you can enjoy those little pat things you always did.'

Nader is confident the Dex role will bring him business, he just hopes he'll be called on as Michael Nader, not Dex Dexter. ABC next fall is bringing 3-D and video music to Saturday morning television,with the addition of four new animated series.

There'll be an 'All New Scooby,' but 'The Little Rascals-Richie Rich Show' and the 'Monchhichis,' an animated series based on the 'Happiness' dolls, are out.

Squire Rushnell, vice president, Long-Range Planning and Children's Television, ABC Entertainment, said the new schedule will premiere Sept. 15.

The 3-D adventure series are 'Broots,' which is about five crime-fighting robots, and 'Turbo Teen,' the bizarre tale of a boy who can turn himself into a car to battle an evil big-wheeled truck.


The 3-D effects will be visible through glasses that can be made at home.

'Pac-Man,' which lost out in the ratings to NBC's 'Smerfs,' and 'Rubik the Amazing Cube' have not been rescheduled, but 'Dragon's Lair,' an adventure based on another hot video game, has been added to the schedule.

The fourth new series is 'Wolfman's KMT (Kid's Music Television),' which will feature two to four top music videos mixed into the storyline about a group of kids who run a music video station. Disc jockey Wolfman Jack will star as the voice of the station's mysterious Wolfman in this Dick Clark-DIC production.

The network also has scheduled a series of 3-minute aerobic exercise programs developed with the assistance of Dr. Bernard Gutin, professor of applied physiology and education at Teacher's College of Columbia University.

'The One Minute Computer Course' will be introduced in the 'Cap'n O.G. Readmore' segments, which premiered last fall. The computer program, a joint venture of ABC Entertainment and the Library of Congress, will use 'computer critters' to provide instruction.

'Superfriends: The Champions of Justice' will return after a year's absence.

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