President Ferdinand Marcos said today he had proposed talks...

MANILA, Philippines -- President Ferdinand Marcos said today he had proposed talks with Kuala Lumpur on the Philippines' promise to drop its claim to the Malaysian state of Sabah after the parliamentary elections in May.

Speaking to reporters on his return from ceremonies marking the independence of Brunei, Marcos said he met with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohammad but they did not discuss the issues involved in the Sabah case.


But he added that, 'For some time now there have been talks or conversations through our representatives on how this matter will be finally resolved.

'In view of the fact that we are facing an election in May, I suggested to him (Mahathir) that negotiations start after the elections.'

But Marcos said there has been an agreement between the Philippines and Malaysia on the issue and that Indonesia was a witness to that pact. He did not elaborate.

During a summit conference of leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Kuala Lumpur in 1977, Marcos pledged to drop the Philippines longstanding claim to Sabah.

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