Magazine says zoos make animals crazy

NEW YORK -- Animals that are given substandard cages in zoos become 'crazy vegetables,' exhibiting bizarre behavior that includes self-mutilation, a magazine report says.

'Bad zoos serve no purpose and should be shut down,' Sue Pressman, director of captive wildlife for the Human Society of the United States, said in Sunday's Parade magazine.


'They harm the animals and the public, too, because it's a negative experience.'

'Putting wild animals in barren cages turns them into crazy vegetables,' added Michael Fox of the Humane Society.

The Humane Society also lists its pick of the best and worst zoos in a survey of 373 of the 450 zoos in the nation facilities.

The best zoos were listed as the Bronx Zoo in New York; Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, Ill.; Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, Texas; Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, S.C.; Los Angeles Zoo; Metrozoo, Miami; Milwaukee Zoo; San Diego Zoo; Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, and the National Zoo in Washington.

The Humane Society said the worst zoos were the Atlanta Zoo; Aqualand Zoo, Bar Harbor, Maine; Franklin Park Zoo, Boston; Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Houser's Groves and Zoo, Mebourne, Fla.; Knowland Park Zoo, Oakland, Calif.; Glenn Miller Park Zoo, Richmond, Ind.; Nay Aug Zoo, Scranton, Pa.; Welder Park Zoo, Sinton, Texas, and Space Game Farms Zoo, Sussex, N.J.


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