The Olympic flame was flown from Greece to Yugoslavia...

SARAJEVO, Yugoslavia -- The Olympic flame was flown from Greece to Yugoslavia Sunday into the southern Adriatic resort town of Dubrovnik on its way to Sarajevo for the Winter Olympic Games, Feb. 7-19.

Branko Mikulic, President of the Sarajevo Olympic Games organizing committee, said at a ceremony in Dubrovnik Sunday evening, 'As there is no life on earth without the sun and water, so the Olympic flame cannot burn without youth.


The youth will always have power and know how to bear this flame with honor and dignity from the labyrinth of world troubles towards freedom, equality and harmony among all people of the world, to happiness of man.'

The flame was flown by a special Yugoslav airline jetliner from Athens after it was lit at Mount Olympus. Sarajevo and Yugoslav Olympic committee officials accompanied the flame on its flight.

The flame will stay overnight in Dubrovnik and Monday two torches - one toward the east and the other toward the west of the country -- will be carried in relays for about 3,800 miles through 90 towns all over Yugoslavia's six states.

On Feb. 7 the two torches will meet in Sarajevo, in central Yugoslavia, and the Olympic torch will be finally aflame in Sarajevo Feb. 8 at the official opening ceremony at Kosevo soccer stadium.


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