McCartney unrepentent over pot busts

LONDON -- Linda McCartney, wife of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, was arrested for possessing marijuana only hours after the couple paid a fine in Barbados for the same charge -- but Paul says it wasn't his wife's fault.

'All our bags were thoroughly searched by police in Barbados after we were busted there. They told us they were clean but they obviously didn't do a thorough job,' an indignant McCartney said late Tuesday by phone from his farm near Rye.


'Most of the time, Linda doesn't know what's in her bag anyway,' he said.

Scotland Yard said Mrs. McCartney, 41, was arrested for possessing herbal cannabis after arriving at Heathrow airport Tuesday from Bridgeport, Barbados, with her husband and four children.

The marijuana -- herbal cannabis is the least potent type of marijuana -- was found in an empty 35-mm film cannister in her handbag, airport officials said.

Heathrow officials said the couple had walked through customs, talked to the press and were waiting to board a private plane when customs officials asked them to return to the airport.

Mrs. McCartney was released on unconditional bail pending a court appearance next Tuesday. She faces a maximum fine of three months in jail, a $750 fine or both.


In Barbados on Tuesday, the McCartneys pleaded guilty and were fined $100 each for possessing just under half an ounce of marijuana.

Her arrest in London came just after her rock superstar husband called for the decriminalization of marijuana.

'Let's get one thing straight. Whatever you think I've done, this substance cannabis is a whole lot less harmful than rum punch, whisky, nicotine and glue, all of which are perfectly legal,' McCartney said.

The former Beatle promised four years ago not to touch drugs again after he was arrested at Tokyo airport for traveling into Japan with half a pound of marijuana.

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