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SARAJEVO, Yugoslavia -- The popular mascot for the 1984 Olympic Winter Games has been transformed by an artist from a wild beast to a tame, pleasant-looking wolf cub in a colorful logo to be spread all over the world.

Vuchko, or wolf cub, was created in 1981 by Joze Trobec, a young Yugoslav painter who did not originally intend to participate in competition for drawing the winter games' logo.


But officials said his wife persuaded Trobec to draw the Olympic mascot, and his work was selected by millions in a public vote as the official mascot for the Sarajevo Winter Games.

Officials said Trobec's offering was among six finalists selected over 600 others sent to the games' Organizing Committee and a special jury.

The six were published for two weeks in all Yugoslav newspapers and magazines, and readers selected Trobec's wolf-cub over the others.

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