U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar appealed Monday for...


UNITED NATIONS -- U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar appealed Monday for an end to all hostilities in Lebanon, calling the weekend fighting 'dangerous ... alarming and tragic.'

The United States appealed for U.N. help in securing the release of the American flier captured in Sunday's air strike against Syrian targets in Lebanon.


Syria stopped short of requesting a Security Council meeting on the explosion of violence but urged the body to take 'appropriate measures' to halt what it called hostile U.S. policies in the Middle East.

U.S. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick said American air raids against Syrian missile positions in Lebanon Sunday 'had no broader purpose' than to prevent Syrian missile attacks against U.S. reconnaisance planes.

She met Perez de Cuellar to discuss the U.S. action and later said she requested the use of 'his good offices' in seeking the release of Lt. Robert Goodman, the bombardier-navigator captured by the Syrians after bailing out.

Syria said a captured U.S. airman would be held until 'the war ends.'

Mrs. Kirkpatrick said the United States did not act hastily in attacking Syrian targets.

'The United States has over the last weeks taken very great pains to establish who has been responsible for the firing on our forces,' she said.


'The conclusion that there was Syrian responsibility there was not carelessly or easily or casually arrived at.'

Two U.S. Navy jets were shot down during Sunday's air strike and eight Marines at Beirut airport were killed in shelling later in the day in the fiercest fighting since U.S. troops arrived in Lebanon 15 months ago.

'I earnestly appeal to all the parties involved to refrain forthwith from the use of force,' Perez de Cuellar said in a statement read by a spokesman.

'Only if this is done can the process of conciliation and negotiation have a chance of succeeding. I therefore call for a general cessation of hostilities and a redoubling of efforts for conciliation and peaceful negotiation.'

The secretary-general did not blame any one party for the escalation of violence in Lebanon.

'The process of action and reprisal has not only taken a terrible toll of human life, it represents a most dangerous development in the already violent circumstances of that area,' he said.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick, in a letter to Security Council president Max van der Stoel of the Netherlands, said Washington requested repatriation of any captured U.S. flyers and expected 'Syria to comply fully with its international obligations concerning our airmen.


'The action we have taken in response to the armed attacks on our reconnaissance flights was solely a U.S. decision, was limited and proportionate to the Syrian attack and was designed to prevent repetition of such attacks. It had no broader purpose,' Mrs Kirkpatrick said.

Syrian Foreign Minister Abdel Halim Khaddam said in a letter to van der Stoel that the U.S. air raids were carried out with Israeli collusion and killed one Syrian soldier and wounded 10 others.

'I request you to take the appropriate measures to halt the hostile policies pursued by the United States of America in Lebanon and the Middle East,' Khaddam said.

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