Boise State's Michel Bourgeau and Carl Keever, along with...

BOISE, Idaho -- Boise State's Michel Bourgeau and Carl Keever, along with Idaho State's Matt Courtney, were named for a second time to the All-Big Sky Conference defensive football team announced Wednesday.

The players are joined by three others named unanimously by the coaches: Northern Arizona tackle James Gee; Nevada-Reno safety Tony Shaw and Idaho State punter Jeff Kaiser.


Boise State and Idaho State each had four first-team players, while Nevada-Reno had three and Idaho, Montana State and Northern Arizona each had one.

Heading the list of the four down linemen selected by the coaches is Gee, a junior who led all Conference tackles and noseguards averaging 13 tackles a game.

Bourgeau, a senior, is back on the first team after making the squad in 1981. His 1983 season was cut short in the Bronco's seventh game after he suffered a knee injury that required surgery.

Joining Gee and Bourgeau on the first team are Nevada-Reno's Dee Monson and Boise State's Marcus Koch. Monson, a senior, averaged 5.5 gackles a game and had 11 tackles for losses, totaling 53 yards.

Koch, a sophomore, averaged seven tackles a game and had eight tackles for losses of 36 yards.


At the outside linebacker positions, Idaho State's Carl Qualls made the fist unit along with Boise State's Chuck Butler and Montana State's Mark Fellows, who tied for the second spot.

Qualls, a senior, averaged seven tackles a game, but was second in the league with 19 tackles for losses of 118 yards.

Butler, a senior averaged eight tackles a game and picked off two passes, while Fellows, a junior, averaged 7 stops a game and recorded 16 tackles for losses of 84 yards.

The inside linebacker positions are manned by Boise State's Keever and Idaho State's Lem Galeai. Keever, a junior, averaged 11.8 tackles a game, while senior Galeai averaged 10.3 tackles a game.

In the secondary, senior Tony Shaw has a record of 6.3 average tackles per game. Idaho State's Matt Courtney averaged six tackles a game, with two pass interceptions.

Boyce Bailey, an Idaho senior, averaged 7.2 stops per game, leading all Big Sky defensive backs with nine tackles for losses of 33 yards. Sophomore Pat Hunter rounds out the secondary, with a record of four pass interceptions and five deflections on the season from his cornerback slot.

The 1983 All-Big Sky Conference punter is Kaiser, a junior who averaged 42.5 yards per kick this season to lead the league.


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