Larry Flynt opens campaign for GOP presidential nomination


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt officially launched his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in the town 'where it all began.'

Larry Flynt, known for his unblushing obscenities, landed at Port Columbus International Airport in a art-deco prototype of Air Force One, complete with an on-board cosmetologist and mixologist. He was accompanied by his wife, who sported black leather, green hair and a nose ring.


Insisting he is a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States, Flynt officially launched his campaign Wednesday night with a news conference on board his leased 727 luxury jetliner.

The Hustler Magazine publisher, now living in Los Angeles, was once based in Columbus. He said it was only fitting that he start his run for the nation's top office 'back where it all began.'

Flynt also gave more political reasons for coming to Ohio, saying he plans to put native son John Glenn -- 'the only other candidate with a prayer' -- out of the running on his home ground.

'John Glenn doesn't have the right stuff,' said Flynt. 'John Glenn is the dullest man in Congress. The lights are on, but there's nobody home.'


Flynt said he is running on a platform of fighting sexual repression.

'I want to keep Big Brother out of your bedroom ... if the government can control the single strongest drive you have, they can control anything, and that's the road to fascism.'

Asked what indication he is receiving that the public is taking his candidacy seriously, Flynt said.

'We get letters saying 'I haven't voted in five years, but you've given me an excuse to now.' People know I'm honest, they know I've got nothing to hide.'

Unlikely candidate that he may be, Flynt does guarantee to liven up this presidential race. The self described 'smut-peddler who cares' says he can fight a dirty campaign if that's what it takes.

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