A couple engaged in sex atop a nightclub piano...

SAN FRANCISCO -- A couple engaged in sex atop a nightclub piano Wednesday triggered a mechanism that propels the piano to the ceiling as it does after stripper acts, crushing the man to death and injuring the woman, police said.

James Ferrozzo, 40, was killed and Teresa Hill was hurt in the incident at the Condor Club after the bar had closed for the night, police said.


'The piano is on a roller like an elevator that rises to the ceiling,' police said. 'There's a hole up there where the performer goes through to the second floor.'

Ferrozzo and Ms. Hill 'apparently triggered the mechanism, causing the piano to rise, and when it came close the ceiling, crushing the male,' police said.

Ms. Hill, who was taken from the scene on a stretcher, was treated and released from San Francisco General Hospital.

The Condor, a popular tourist attraction, advertises the striptease piano act using the name of Carol Doda, who first performed it.

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