John Lennon assets donated to charity

NEW YORK -- Yoko Ono has donated land, money, mansions and lithographs by her slain husband, John Lennon, to charities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in honor of those who have died in war.

Miss Ono said Tuesday the donations, made through the Spirit Foundation which she heads, were 'in apology as a member of the human race and in memory of war casualties of the world.'


The gifts included $500,000, mansions and land in Virginia, an island off the coast of Ireland and lithographs by Lennon. She also provided for the sale of land, cows, a Rolls Royce and several of Lennon's and her belongings.

Benefactors of the gifts include New Beginnings Therapeutic foster homes, Irish orphans, Strawberry fields Orphanage in Liverpool, Liverpool Art School and New York City's Central Park. Miss Ono said proceeds from a television documentary about her, 'Yoko Ono -- Her Life of 50 Years,' would go to CARE.

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